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Android: How to log phone calls?

Calling a contact person for a deal from the app couldn't be easier! When you have a deal or the contact person's page open, just press the green phone in the menu at the bottom and you're away.

Once the call is over, the app will then automatically create a completed activity for you with a note where you can write down the outcome of the call.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind though. Mainly, the app only tracks outgoing calls made from within the Pipedrive app. If a contact calls you, or if you just call them from your phone outside the app, then it won't be added as an activity.

Secondly, please note that this only works with the default phone number added to the contact, and will not automatically call any phone number that might be in any custom fields or notes you may have on that contact's page. Your standard network charge will also be applied to the call.