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How can I follow items owned by other Pipedrive users?

One of the key rules of Pipedrive is that if a user cannot see an item, the user cannot change that item. With that in mind, it’s always best to have full visibility permissions open to the entire company whenever possible.
However, as a large company using Pipedrive, you most likely have some details that should only be handled by specific users.
That’s when the Owner and followers visibility permission in Pipedrive makes sense.

For more information about the visibility permissions in Pipedrive, click here

When working in teams, one option is to have users follow other users. In that way, whenever an item is owned by a specific user in your account, all of the users that follow them will also have access to that item.

As an Admin User, if you would like to assign users to follow other users in your Pipedrive account, go to Settings > Users and Permissions, click on the name of the user you would like to add followers to, and click the Statistics button, found on the right hand side.
Once you’re on that user’s User profile, click Add someone to add a follower for that user.


Note: This does not include emails, as emails are only visible in the Deal or Contact they are associated with if that email has been marked as Shared.

For this, we suggest having the ‘Regular users can see all items of other users they are following’ turned to YES.
This can be done under Settings > Users & permissions > Permissions


This means that teams are able to follow each other in order to share items, but — as an Admin User — it means that you are able to keep all relevant information at your fingertips.