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How can I add leads to my Leads inbox?

To maximize your company's lead prospecting potential, you can add leads to your Leads inbox in numerous convenient ways.  

Manually adding leads

To manually create a lead for your leads inbox, you can go to your Leads tab and click on Add lead.


When adding a lead through the Add lead dialog, you will need to include at least two fields. The Lead's title (mandatory), and one of the following:

  • Person's name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Website
  • Address
  • Organization

If you do not enter a value in the Lead title field, it will automatically be filled with the value of the other field you select. 



Importing leads from a spreadsheet

Leads can be imported in bulk from a spreadsheet with our importing functionality. To import leads with a spreadsheet, go to Settings > Import data > From a spreadsheet.


When you arrive at the mapping step, you can select the Leads fields icon in the top right corner of your Pipedrive data fields section. 
You can map the Pipedrive Leads fields to your spreadsheet columns accordingly to import your leads into Pipedrive.


Mandatory fields to import leads

In order to import Leads successfully through the importing function, you will need to include at least two fields when you map. 

  • Lead Title field (always mandatory)
  • One additional field (selected from the following list)

Adding leads with the Leadbooster 

If you have the Leadbooster add-on enabled in your Pipedrive account, you can create a playbook that will create a lead in your Leads inbox whenever a visitor goes through your Leadbooster chat flow. To have your playbook create leads rather than deals, uncheck the box next to Create a new deal while setting up your playbook
Your leads will now go straight to your Leads inbox. 



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