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Can I be in multiple Pipedrive company accounts?

Remarque : Cette action n’est disponible que pour les administrateurs.

In Pipedrive, it's possible to be in multiple Pipedrive company accounts at the same time. Que vous dirigiez 2, 3 ou 20 entreprises différentes, avoir des comptes multiples peut être très utile.

Once you are added to a new Pipedrive company account, you will be able to switch companies by clicking Change company in your personal drop-down menu. 


Will data be shared between multiple accounts?

No data is shared between different Pipedrive accounts. Having the same login credentials is the only connection your company accounts will have to each other. There is no automatic way to sync or share data across multiple accounts.

If you need data from one account to exist in another account, you can go to Tools and apps > Export Data, export whatever you need from one account, and then import it into the other.

Facturation et comptes multiples

Billing is handled separately for each company account. Il est cependant possible d'utiliser la même carte de crédit pour tous les comptes.

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