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Where can I insert my VAT or ABN/ACN number?

If your companies billing address is located in Europe or Australia you have the possibility to enter your VAT or ABN/ACN number to prevent being charged additional VAT/GST when paying for Pipedrive.

To do this, go to your billing page (Settings > Billing), and when entering your address, also fill in the VAT number for European addresses, or ABN/ACN number for Australian addresses.







If you've already entered your address but would like to add, or update, your VAT or ABN/ACN, go to your billing page (Settings > Billing) and click 'update' next to billing address.

If your VAT or ABN/ACN number is not being accepted but you have checked it against official records (VAT check and ABN/ACN check), please get in touch using the ‘chat with us’ button on our Help Centre for further assistance.