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Import fields

Steven Reinartz, 30 ottobre 2023
Note: For an in-depth guide to spreadsheet importing, check out this article.

When you’re importing spreadsheets into Pipedrive, it’s important to know which fields are available for you to move your spreadsheet data into.

Starting your import

Note: If you don‘t have a spreadsheet to work from, we provide sample spreadsheets that you can access on this page.

To initiate a spreadsheet import, go to Tools and apps > Import data > From a spreadsheet.

How fields are organized

In the import window, there are seven data categories that represent your available field types.

  • Person
  • Organization
  • Lead
  • Deal
  • Activity
  • Note
  • Product

In each field type category, the fields are listed alphabetically (including custom fields.)

Default fields

Note: Project data can‘t be imported currently.

For leads, deals, people, organizations and products, the available default fields for import can be found in the data fields section of your settings under each category.

Activities and notes

Activities don‘t appear in the data fields section of your account, but you can see the available import fields in the import mapping screen.

Note fields can also be found in the import mapping screen.

Custom fields

Note: Activities and notes don’t have custom fields available. For more information about custom fields, check out this article.

In addition to default fields, custom fields can be mapped when importing data into your Pipedrive account.

Formula fields

Note: For more information about formula fields, check out this page.

You can import values using formula fields, and have the calculations performed during the import.

In this example, the number of clients field has a formula of deal value + 10.

In the imported document, there is a column for deal value (10) and a column called numerical field, representing the number of clients.

After the import, the deal value of 10 can be seen, as well as the number of clients being 20.

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