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Apps with interactive features

Steven Reinartz, November 2, 2023
Note: For more information and a comprehensive look at all of our available integrations, check out our Marketplace.

Pipedrive offers a wide variety of Marketplace apps, some with app panels and other interactive features that can be used in different parts of your account.

To view our apps with interactive features, go to Marketplace > “Apps” > “Apps with interactive features.”

However, these apps don’t all behave the same, and there are several categories these apps fall into based on the actions and services they offer.

What are interactive features?

Note: Interactive features can be accessed from the list and detail views, top navigation and by clicking on phone numbers in your Pipedrive account. However, not every app is accessible in all places.

Interactive features are the visible pieces of your Marketplace apps that you can work with, as opposed to integrations that perform functions in the background.

They can range from simple data displays in your detail view to more complex actions, and are split into four basic categories:

  • App actions

  • App panels

  • Pop-up windows

  • Quick access

Note: While Pipedrive does not charge for the use of integrated apps, some apps require a subscription to use. Please check the app’s website for information before installing the integration from our Marketplace.

App actions

App actions come in two forms: action links and action forms.

Action links

Actions links begin tasks in your Pipedrive account, then carry them out on the external website of the integrated app.

A great example of this functionality is the PandaDoc app, which offers a “Create document” action in Pipedrive that transfers deal and contact data to PandaDoc, where the document is completed.

Action forms

While action links let you handle tasks on the app’s website, action forms let you perform tasks directly from your Pipedrive account.

This is best shown through the Trello app, which lets you create Trello cards in Pipedrive using a separate in-app window.

App panels

There are two types of panels your installed apps can have: standard and custom UI.

Standard panels

These show data with a predefined 2-column table structure and sometimes have simple actions available.

For example, in the Trello app you can select “Add comment” for an existing card.

Custom UI panels

These panels show data in any format and perform more advanced actions.

Like with the Twilio app, which you can use to compose and send SMS messages using the panel.

Pop-up windows

These are custom UI windows that offer a larger surface for any complex functionality.

The best example is the Calendly app, where you can both see appointments created in Calendly from your detail view and create appointments in the detail view itself.

Quick access

Note: Apps with floating windows work alongside our quick-access menu, which you can learn more about in this article.

With the JustCall, CloudTalk and Ziwo apps, you can use a floating window (accessible from the My Apps panel) to make calls while navigating between different parts of your Pipedrive account.

You can even move the window around, all without disrupting your call.

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