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Additional bulk actions

Bulk-editing and filtering

Jenny Takahara, January 5, 2024
Note: For a complete rundown of the available features and tools in the list view, check out this guide.

The list view lets you see your data in a standard, spreadsheet format and includes filtering and editing options.


Note: Bulk editing is not available in the Projects list view.

You can open the bulk-editing menu in your list view by selecting multiple items.

Choose one of the dropdown bars and select “Edit current value” to select a new value for the selected items.

After you‘ve selected your new value, click ”Edit” in the bottom right corner to confirm the changes.

Note: You can also delete items in bulk by selecting multiple items and clicking the trash can icon.

Additional bulk actions

While the bulk-editing menu lets you change field values, there are other actions available in bulk via the list view.

Group emailing

Note: Email recipients are based on the assigned email address for an item‘s linked contact person. If an item doesn‘t have a linked contact person, or that person doesn‘t have an assigned email address, an email won‘t be sent.

You can send a group email by selecting multiple items in your lead, deal, contact or activity list view.


In your deal list view or Leads Inbox, you can convert deals into leads or vice-versa in bulk.


In your Leads Inbox, you can select multiple leads and archive or unarchive them.

Attaching products

In your products list view, you can select multiple products and add them to a deal.

Note: While you can add multiple products to a deal in bulk, you can only perform this action for one deal at a time.


Note: For a detailed guide about our filtering tools, check out this article.

From any list view, you can view the filters menu by clicking the dropdown in the top right corner.

Each list view has filters for owners, and some (ex. deals) include premade filters.

Note: Custom filters don‘t transfer between list views (i.e. a filter created in the deal list view can‘t be used in the person list view.)
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