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Jenny Takahara, December 27, 2022
Note: Some actions listed here may only be available to admin users.

The list view – found in both the deals and contacts tab – is a useful tool for generating reports and filters for your valuable information in Pipedrive.
To get the most out of this view, it is best to know all of the ways to present your data, so you can see the most valuable information at any time.

Customizing the list view

Built like an interactive spreadsheet, the list view allows you to choose which columns are displayed, in what order and how they are displayed. Since you know your data best, we put you in control of how it is shown, so that you can do your best work.

To choose which columns are displayed in the list view, go to your list view and click the gear icon on the right side of the table.
In the Choose columns prompt that appears, unselect any columns you do not want displayed and select any other columns you wish to be displayed in that table.


Columns can also be rearranged or resized so that you can adjust based on your needs.
To rearrange columns, simply click-and-drag a column header and move it to where you wish for it to be displayed in the table.


Sorting in the list view

From the list view, you can sort out your lists to viewing information in ascending or descending order.
To sort information in your list view, simply click on a column header to begin sorting by descending value and click it again if you wish to sort by ascending value.

If you wish to sort by a second column, hold down the Shift key before clicking the second column header.


Filters and custom reporting

In Pipedrive, you can filter any of the information in your database – like your deals and contacts – based on many different criteria.
To begin filtering your information, click on the "Filter" button. A drop-down will appear, showing the default filters available to all Pipedrive users.
To begin learning more about how best to use filters in Pipedrive, click here.


Save selected columns with filter

When creating a filter, you have the option to save selected columns with the filter.
Enabling this makes note of the columns displayed in your list view in this filter and saves that information along with any of the filter conditions.
The next time to click on this saved filter in your MY FILTERS area, the columns in your list view will change to display that exact information, so you don't need to keep making adjustments.


To clear out any existing filters, switch over to Owners > Everyone under the filters button in the top right corner.


Exporting lists

From within the List View, you are also able to export the displayed information into a separate spreadsheet file, for your own uses.

To do so, click the "..." button In the far right corner and click "Export filter results".
You'll be given the option to export an Excel (.xls) or CSV (.csv) file. Once selected, you'll be shown the data export page and given information about the status of your export session.
Once completed, the created spreadsheet will be automatically downloaded to your computer.


Note: If you do not see the option to export filter results, you are not an admin user in the company Pipedrive account, and the admin user of the account has not enabled the permission to allow regular users to export data. To change this, please contact your admin User.


The information displayed in the list view can be edited in several different ways. To edit one field at a time, hover over a cell and click the Pencil icon that appears to edit only the information displayed in that cell.

update single item

To edit multiple rows displayed in the list view at once, click on the checkboxes (to the left of the table) of the rows you wish to edit.
In the bulk edit panel that appears on the right side of the screen, select the value you wish to edit for those rows and edit accordingly. Click the "Edit deals" button to finalize those changes.

bulk edit

You will see a confirmation window popup where you can review and confirm your changes.

bulk edit confirmation

Once you confirm, you will be able to monitor the updating progress in the bottom left corner of your window.

bulk edit in progress

To select all rows in the list view at once, click on the column header checkbox.
This selects everything in your current filter and all results – even the ones not currently displayed on the screen – to edit huge amounts of information at once.

Note: You can only bulk convert 100 deals to leads at once.
bulk edit all

To select multiple rows to be edited in bulk, you can also click-and-drag your mouse cursor over the checkboxes of the rows to be edited.

drag and bulk select


You can either select and delete specific items from your list, or you can bulk delete all results of your filter.

To delete only a few selected items, select the checkboxes of the items you want to delete in your list view and click on the trash can icon to delete them.

To delete all the results of your filter, select all by clicking the checkbox in the header of the checkbox column. Deleting this will delete all results of your filter –not just the ones you see on your screen.

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