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Creating your report
Conversion-specific fields

Campaigns Insights: conversion reports

Steven Reinartz, July 7, 2023

To improve your marketing campaigns, it’s crucial to know your open, clicked and “reported as spam” rates. With Pipedrive’s conversion report for campaigns, you can have that data at your fingertips.

Creating your report

Go to the Insights tool, then click the “+” in the top-left corner and select CampaignConversion:

Conversion-specific fields

When creating a conversion report, you may notice a Measure by in the drop-down list instead of Conversion.

This is unique to the campaign conversion report, and these fields show percent rates for those data points.

Here is a chart showing the fields available in the report and how those conversions are calculated.

Conversion fieldWhat does it meanHow this conversion metric is calculated
Open rateRecipients who opened an email at least onceSum of unique opens / All delivered emails
Click through rateRecipients who clicked on at least one link in an emailAll recipients who clicked / All opened emails
Reported as spam rateRecipients who marked sent emails as a SPAMSum of reported as SPAM recipients / All delivered emails
Unsubscribed rateRecipients unsubscribed from a mailing list after receiving an emailSum of unsubscribed recipients / All delivered emails
Delivery rateEmails successfully delivered to recipients’ inboxesSum of delivered emails / All emails sent
Click rateRecipients who clicked on at least one link in an email at least onceSum of unique clicks / All delivered emails
Bounced rateEmails not delivered to recipients’ inboxes due to specified reasonsSum of bounced emails / All emails sent
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