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Creating your report
Customizing your report

Campaigns Insights: performance reports

Steven Reinartz, July 7, 2023
Note: Check out this article for more general information about Campaigns Insights.

Being able to send out a campaign is great, but it’s even better when you can track how they perform. With performance reports for campaigns, you can keep track of your opens, clicks, bounces and other important data.

Creating your report

Go to the Insights tool, click the "+" in the top left corner and select Campaign > Performance:

Customizing your report

After you’ve created a report, click the green "+" to add filters.

Use the measure, segment and view by options to adjust how your data appears:

Note: Check out this article for more information about setting up an Insights report.

The table view at the bottom gives you a spreadsheet view of the report's data, including useable fields unique to campaigns.

You can adjust the fields in your table columns by clicking the gear icon in the top right.

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