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Creating your comparison report
Viewing your comparison report

Comparative insights

Yssel Salas, May 8, 2024
Note: This feature is available for Premium Campaigns. For more information about Campaigns billing, check out this article.

Comparative Insights lets you compare the performance metrics of two or more email marketing campaigns in one single chart, so you can identify winning subject lines and email layouts.

Creating your comparison report

Note: To create an A/B comparison, you need to send out multiple campaigns to comparable segments of your audience. For example, you can send two campaigns with slightly different email layouts or subject lines, then create a report to show which subject lines had more opens.

To create the report, go to Insights then click ”+“ > Campaign > Conversion.

Use the ”+“ to add your desired filters, but to compare your campaigns you’ll need a filter for:

Campaign > is any of > [insert desired campaigns]

Note: Learn more about filtering in this article.

Viewing your comparison report

Note: Unlike other report types, conversion reports don’t have a segment by tab.

The comparison report chart has two different sections:

  • Measure by (Y-axis)

  • View by (X-axis)

Hover over a column in the graph to see more information about the chosen data in that segment.

Table view

Note: To customize the table columns, click on the gear icon.

At the bottom of the page, the table view contains a breakdown of the campaigns displayed in the report, along with the information from their respective fields.

Within the table view, you can also see a brief list of data by clicking on “Summary.”

If you have the recipient column visible, you can click on any recipient to open the contextual view for that contact.

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