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Comparative insights

Yssel Salas, July 7, 2023

Comparative insights is a Premium Campaigns feature that lets you compare the performance metrics of two or more email marketing campaigns in one single chart within Campaigns insights.

This feature helps you identify winning subject lines and email layouts using A/B testing.

Campaigns comparison

To create an A/B comparison, you need to send out at least two campaigns to two comparable segments of your audience. For example, you can send two campaigns with slightly different email layouts or subject lines.

Next, you can create a report to show which subject lines had more opens, so you can find the one that drives more clicks.

Creating your comparison report

To create the report, navigate to the Insights tool on the left-hand toolbar of your account. Once there, click the "+" in the top-left corner to create a marketing report.

Then, add a filter with the criteria you need for your test campaigns.

The filter should follow the format:

“Campaign” + “is any of” + “[criteria 1] [criteria 2]”

By adding the condition "is any of", you'll be able to add more than one campaign to the filters. Learn more about filtering in this article.

Viewing your comparison report

Just like other report types, the comparison report chart has three different sections:

  • Measure by (Y-axis)

  • View by (X-axis)

  • Segment by

The columns represent the campaigns added to the filter, and the colors indicate the data selected through the Segment by option. Hover over a column in the graph to see more information about the chosen data in the drop-down segment.

At the bottom of the page, you'll see a table containing a breakdown of the campaigns displayed in the report, along with the information from their respective fields.

To customize the table columns, click on the gear icon.

Within the table view, you can also see a brief list of data by clicking on "Summary".

Contact engagement

Similar to Campaigns insights reports, the contact engagement report shows which contacts are engaging with your emails.

Click on the gear icon to add the Recipient column to the table. Select any of your recipients to open the contextual view.

Here, you'll be able to convert contacts to leads or deals and assign activities directly from the engagement report.

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