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Converting your deals to leads
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What deal information will be included in my lead?

Converting deals to leads

Jenny Takahara, June 13, 2022
Note: This action is only available to admin users, or to users in a permission set with the permission "Convert deals to leads" enabled. The convert deals to leads permission will be enabled for regular users by default.

If a deal is not ready to move through your pipeline but also not ready to be marked as lost, you can easily convert it to a lead in your Leads Inbox until it is ready to be pursued again.

Converting your deals to leads

A deal can be converted to a lead from a number of entry points in Pipedrive:

Pipeline view

  • Drag and drop your deal to the "Move to" option in the bottom right corner of your pipeline view. You will be prompted to select the location you want to move your deal to. Select "Lead" as the save location and click on "Save".

Deal detail view

  • Click on "... "> Convert to a lead in the top right corner of a deal's detail view.

Deals list view

  • Filtered list – Click on "..." > Convert filter results to leads in the top right corner of your deals list view to convert a filtered list of deals to leads in bulk.
  • Converting in bulk – Select the deal or deals you want to convert in the deals list view and click on the "Convert to leads" button.

Note: You will be able to convert up to 100 deals at a time from the list view.

Once you have opted to convert your deals to leads, you will see a window prompting you to confirm your changes. When converting deals in the deal list view, you will receive an email confirmation when the conversion is finished. The converted deal will be deleted but still accessible by filtering for deleted deals.

Note: If you have accidentally converted a lead to a deal, you can filter for your deleted deals and restore them. You can learn how to do so in this article. The converted lead will still remain in your Leads Inbox.

Note: Files, invoices and the deal's history will not be included in the lead.

Viewing your leads

Once a deal has been converted to a lead, you can view it in your Leads Inbox. The lead will show Deal as the source so you can easily sort or filter for the leads that have been converted from deals.

deal to lead

When you select the lead you will see the deal, contacts or future activities that were linked to the deal. Under DONE you can see when the conversion occurred and click through to see the deleted deal's detail page.

deal to lead

What deal information will be included in my lead?

When your deal is converted to a lead, the deal information such as value and contact information will be added to the lead so you can start right where you left off. The owner of the lead will be the user who converted the lead.

  • Deal fields – Custom and default deal fields
  • Contact information – The deal's person and organization information. Contact custom field information will also be included under the lead but can only be updated on the contact detail page.
  • Activities – Any upcoming activities. Activities already marked as done will remain with the deal.
  • Emails – Any emails linked to deals from the email sync or Email Bcc feature
  • Notes – Notes that were created under the deal
Note: The deal's label, files and invoices will not be transferred to your lead. However, the lead will include a link to the original deal, where you can still have access to this information.

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