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Exporting data from Insights
Exporting individual data points

Exporting data from Insights

Breandan Flood, June 13, 2022
Note: Only admin users and regular users with the correct permission enabled can export data to excel.

When using the Insights feature you can export the data points from your reports to spreadsheets.

Exporting data from Insights

The data in your report can be exported by scrolling down to the list below your report and clicking on "Export".


A popup will appear showing the list of all of the data included in that report. You can customize the columns you would like to export, then click on "Export results". You can then choose which file type you would like to export the results to – either .csv or .xls. Once the export is ready, you can download the file.

Exporting individual data points

You can also export individual data points from your report. To do this, click on a data point in any column, bar, or pie chart and click on "Export results".

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