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Exporting charts
Exporting data to spreadsheets

Exporting data from Insights

Breandan Flood, July 7, 2023
Note: Only users with global admin permission enabled can export data.

When using the Insights feature you can export data in a couple different ways.

Exporting charts

How to export

Click on the dropdown “Export” option in the top-right corner of your dashboard, then select the file type you want to download:

Note: Exports are only available as PDF or PNG files.

The action and location appear the same for reports and goals:

After you select your file type, a loading bar will appear indicating the export has begun:

Note: Any changes to a report, dashboard, or goals must be saved before they can be exported.

What it looks like

If you're downloading a dashboard file, you will see a full display of the reports and goals in that dashboard, as well as the name of the dashboard and a time stamp for the download.

If you're downloading a report or goals, you’ll see the chart itself, as well as the name, a time stamp and any filters you’ve applied.

Note: Time stamps at the bottom of the page reflect the time the export was completed.

Exporting data to spreadsheets

The data in a report can be exported to a spreadsheet by scrolling down to the list below your report and clicking on "Export".


A popup will appear showing all of the data included in that report. You can customize the columns you would like to export, then click on "Export results".

You can then choose which file type you would like to export the results to – either .csv or .xls. Once the export is ready, you can download the file.

You can also export individual data points from a report. To do this, click on a data point in any column, bar, or pie chart and click on "Export results".

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