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Steven Reinartz, August 29, 2023
Note: The number of Insights reports you can have depends on your subscription. You can learn more about usage limits in this article.

Contact reports in Insights let you visualize trends and patterns related to your people, organizations and the data linked to them.

Where to find it

Note: For a general guide to the Insights feature and creating reports, check out this article.

To create a contact report, go to your Insights, click the “+” in the top left corner and select either people or organizations.

Contact report fields

Note: Custom fields are not supported in contact reports, including custom address fields. While the address field for organizations comes default with any Pipedrive account, the postal address field for people requires connecting contact sync.

Contact reports have unique fields, so you have tools specifically for analyzing your contacts data.

Address fields

Note: Filtering and segmenting with address fields only works if the addresses are properly formatted. For general information about how address fields function in Pipedrive, check out this article.

When creating people and organizations reports, you can filter using location data like country or zip code.

For example, here you can see organizations created in the past year, filtered by country and sorted by state.

Followers and files

People and organization reports include the option to filter for or measure by followers and files.

For example, a filter is applied here to see only organizations with followers, and the numbers on the bars show how many files are attached to organizations owned by the listed users.

People specific fields

Note: Some person fields like birthday and job title are only available if contact sync is enabled. For more information about setting up contact sync, check out this guide.

Certain fields like last email received, last email sent, job title and birthday are only available when creating a people report.

For example, here you can see people being filtered to show those who have received emails, sorted by their job titles.

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