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Usage limits in Pipedrive

Jenny Takahara, August 13, 2022
Note: Pipedrive has no usage limits for contacts, however third-party apps like Google Contacts can. So if you have contact sync enabled you may get a limit from your contact provider.

In Pipedrive, usage limits are based on the plan you are on. The limits for open deals, reports and custom fields are as follows:

Open deals (per company)Custom fields (per company)Reports (per user)
Enterprise UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Note: An open deal refers to a deal that has not been won, lost, or deleted. Report limits are per user and open deal and custom fields limits are per company.

You can view your usage details by going to Settings > Company > Usage.

You will be notified in-app and/or by email when you reach 80% and 100% of a limit.

Pipedrive will not delete any of your data when you are over a limit. However, you will be blocked from manually adding more of the exceeded data until you free up space or upgrade to a higher plan.

When you're at an open deal limit, excess deals created by workflow automations, LeadBooster (Chatbot or Web Forms), public API, or during an import will instead be sent to your deals waitlist or import skip file respectively, both of which can be re-imported when there is more space in your account.

Learn more about how to free up space in your account in this article.

Note: Usage limits are also applied to the number of total workflows you can have active in your account. For more information about these limits, read this article.
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