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Insights: dashboards

Jenny Takahara, June 20, 2024
Note: The number of reports you can have in your account is based on your subscription. For more information about usage limits, check out this article.

The sales dashboard is a customized collection of reports you collate and display.

With an Insights dashboard, you can:

  • Customize by adding and sorting your desired reports.
  • Share your dashboard with people in and outside of Pipedrive
  • Show multiple pieces of reporting data in one shared window

Learn how creating a sales dashboard will help you measure your sales in this blog entry.

Creating a dashboard

Note: You can have a maximum of 25 reports per dashboard.

To create a new dashboard, go to Insights and click ”+“ > Dashboard.

You‘ll be asked to provide a name and section for your dashboard.

Once you click ”Save,“ you’ll see your new dashboard under the specified section and an empty board on the right.

Adding reports to your dashboard

Note: Only Professional and higher plans can create multiple dashboards.

Once you’ve created your dashboard, you can add reports to it using two methods.


If you’ve already created reports in your Insights, you can drag reports from the left side panel directly into your dashboard.

The report will appear in your dashboard after you’ve dragged it in.

Report view

You can also add reports to your dashboard by opening one and clicking ”Add to dashboard.“

After you select a dashboard for your report, you can open that dashboard and see it there.

Note: You can add the same report to multiple dashboards.

Customizing your dashboard

The best thing about the Insights dashboard is that you can both resize and arrange your reports however works best for you.

There are several tools you can use in the dashboard to customize your view:

  • Pencil icon – takes you to the editor view for that report
  • Move icon – hold this down to drag your report anywhere on your dashboard
  • Resize icon – lets you stretch and shrink the size of your reports on the dashboard

If you want to rename your dashboard, hover your cursor over the existing name and click the pencil icon.


Note: Using filters in your dashboard doesn’t change the data contained in the reports, just the data being shown in the dashboard. The quick filter is not supported in goals.

You also have filters you can use to change the data being displayed in your dashboard.

  • Period – shows data from within a fixed time period
  • User – shows data linked to a specific user in your account

If a filter you apply removes all of the data from a report, you’ll still see the empty report in your dashboard.

Deleting items

Note: Removing a report from your dashboard doesn’t delete it, you can still access and view it in your list of reports.

If you want to remove a report from your dashboard, use the move icon to drag the report to the bottom of the screen where it says remove from dashboard.

To delete a dashboard entirely, click ”...“ > Delete in the top right corner.

Note: You can also create copies of your dashboards by clicking ”...“ > Duplicate. For more information about duplicating your Insights, check out this article.

Sharing your dashboards

Note: Learn about sharing your dashboards internally or externally in this article.

You can make your Insights dashboards visible to other people in a couple of different ways.


You can share your dashboard by clicking the ”Share“ button in the top right corner.

The first option you’ll have is to share internally with your team members. Click the search bar to see a list of team members you can share with, or type a name in directly.

You can also click ”Share as public link“ to generate a link you can send to people outside of your Pipedrive account.

Click the copy icon to copy the link to your clipboard, or select ”+ Add new link“ to generate a different link to share.


You can also export a PDF or PNG copy of your dashboard to your device, so you can save it or distribute it.

Update intervals

Note: When a user changes the update intervals for a dashboard, those changes are applied to every dashboard link created by that user.

To change the update intervals for a shared dashboard, two conditions must be met:

  • You have to be the creator of the dashboard link
  • The link has to be opened in the browser it was created in

If a different user opens the link, they’ll see the default update interval (one hour.)

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