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Mentions and Comments

Breandan Flood, November 22, 2022

Pipedrive's Mentions and Comments feature allows you to tag your colleagues in your notes, bringing their attention to deals, organizations, or contact people. This allows your team to collaborate more efficiently so that everyone can keep their work on track.

You can also comment underneath your mentions or notes, allowing for simple, fast communication with your team.

Using Mentions and Comments

To mention a colleague in your deal or contact detail view, simply type @ in your notes and select their name from the dropdown list. The user drop-down menu will show a list of 8 users, narrowing down as you continue typing.


You can also click on the @ sign in your notes section to @mention another user.



You also have the ability to comment under notes after being mentioned. This gives you the opportunity to communicate directly with your colleagues on any ongoing collaborations.



You can opt to be notified of any mentions or comments in your Sales Assistant panel and by email. These notifications can be managed by opening up your Sales Assistant and clicking on the Gear icon > Manage notifications. From there, you can manage your notifications under the Comments and Mentions panels.


Sales Assistant notifications

As soon as you have been mentioned by a colleague, you will receive a notification in your Sales Assistant displayed by the yellow lightbulb.


Click on the lightbulb to view your notifications. By clicking on the notification, you will be brought to the item page where you have been mentioned.


Email notifications

You can also opt-in to receive an email notification when you are mentioned by another user, or when another user adds a comment to your note.


By clicking "View mention" in the notification email, you will be directed to the item detail view where you have been mentioned with the note temporarily pinned and highlighted in blue.


When will I receive a notification?

You can opt to get notified when any of the following occurs:

  • You are mentioned by another user in a note
  • You are mentioned by another user in a comment
  • Another user comments on your note
  • Another user comments on a note you have previously commented on

Deleting and updating notes

In order to edit, delete or pin the note, scroll down to the note in the deal timeline and select the "More" option on the note. You will also be able to edit or delete any comments you have added to a note.

Note: Regular users will only be able to update their own comments, while admin users can update all notes and comments.


Permissions and visibility

A user can only view and be notified of the mention or comment if they have the permission and visibility to view the item they are mentioned in.


Regular users will need to have the See other users' data in their global user permissions enabled. This will allow them to see who mentioned them and what other users have been mentioned in mentions or comments.

With this permission turned off, users within that permission set will see "@(hidden user)" in the note. A user with no permission to see other users will also not be able to mention other users in their own notes or comments.

Note: If this permission set is turned off and an admin user mentions a user who is in the permission set, the mentioned user who is mentioned will not know who mentioned them and the admin user will also be shown as (hidden user).


The user’s visibility group determines what deals, contacts, or other items they can see. This means that if you mention a user in an item (e.g., deal note) where they do not have access to all of the linked items (deals, contacts, organizations), you will receive an error and the user will not be able to see it.


If a user follows another user’s deals, contacts and organizations, they will then have visibility on the mentions and can also be mentioned in the notes under those items.

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