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Probability in Pipedrive

Jenny Takahara, June 7, 2021

In Pipedrive, probability is the value that represents your confidence in winning a deal by that deal's expected close date.
When programmed, Pipedrive automatically calculates the deal values based on the provided probability, making your sales volume predictions easier.
For example, if probability is set at 75%, then 75% of the total deal value will be noted as projected revenue for your company.

The deal probability value is represented by a set of scales.


Within Pipedrive, there are two forms of probability — stage probability and deal probability.

Stage probability...

  • allows you to program the likelihood of closing a deal, based on the stage of the pipeline it currently is in.
  • is broad and simple, allowing an immediate understanding of the expectations of your sales process at a moment's notice.

Deal probability...

  • allows you to program the likelihood of closing each specific deal, based your knowledge of the deal itself.
  • is incredibly customizable, providing the most specific insight into each deal as it is programmed.

By default, stage probability is set to 100% for each stage, unless otherwise adjusted.
To adjust the probability for each of your stages, go to the Pipeline View and hit the "pencil" icon to bring up the Edit Pipeline page. Enter the probability value underneath the desired stage and click save.
To learn how to adjust that value and program probability for your pipeline stages, click here.

When enabled and programmed, the deal probability value will be prioritized over the stage probability for the pipeline stage that the deal currently lives in. In this way, you may wish to be vigilant in updating the probability of specific deals.
To learn how to enable — and program — deal probability for your pipeline stages, click here.


Note: If you have programmed deal or stage probability within your Pipedrive account, the weighted values of those deals will appear in the Forecast View of your Deals tab, for the purposes of revenue projection.


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