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Video call integration for Scheduler

Breandan Flood, May 21, 2021

Having the ability to schedule calls and include call links in your invitation is a great time saver. Using Pipedrive's Scheduler feature, you can use our integrations with Zoom and Microsoft teams to schedule calls for your meetings.

Setting up a Scheduler video call meeting

To begin creating a video-call meeting in Scheduler, go to your Activities page and select Propose times.

propose times

Depending on the type of meeting you would like to set up, select Manage availability or Pick times. You can then either create new scheduler availability or edit an existing scheduler link to include a video meeting.

Once you have selected your times and meeting length, select Continue to meeting details, and you will have the option to make the meeting a video call.

Note: If you have not already installed the integration with Microsoft Teams or Zoom, you will have the option to install them from here.
zoom scheduler gif

Depending on the integration you have installed, select Make it a Zoom Meeting or Make it a Microsoft Teams Meeting to make this meeting a video call.

If you have both Zoom and Microsoft teams installed, you will need to choose one by selecting Add video call. There is no possibility to include two different video-call links in your scheduler invite.

Joining a Scheduler video call meeting

After the guest has confirmed a time slot for the meeting, the video call will be scheduled. Once the meeting is scheduled through the Scheduler, the confirmation screen will indicate that the meeting will be a video call. Video call links are not displayed on the confirmation screen.

Scheduler confirmation

Both the Pipedrive user and the guest will receive an email with links to join the video call.

Meeting confirmation email

The guest will also have the option to reschedule or cancel the meeting at the bottom of the meeting confirmation email.

Note: If you have calendar sync enabled, then the video call meeting links are embedded in the calendar invites (Google or Microsoft Outlook).

Reauthenticating Zoom/Microsoft Teams

The authentication tokens for Zoom or Microsoft Teams may expire just before a meeting is scheduled, or you may not have not completed the necessary steps to integrate Zoom or Microsoft Teams in your account. In this case, your guest will receive a different confirmation email without a link to the video call.

Video call no link

You will receive an email prompting you to reconnect your account to set up the video call.

Reconnect video call

Once you have reconnected your account to allow the Zoom or Microsoft Teams integration, you can then edit the activity to Make it a Zoom/Microsoft Teams Meeting.

After you have updated the activity, the guest will receive an email with the updated video call links.

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