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Pipedrive integration: Zoom meetings

Jenny Takahara, December 5, 2023
Note: We recommend setting up your calendar sync for the best experience with the Zoom integration.

The Zoom integration with Pipedrive makes it easy to schedule calls, invite guests and log Zoom video conferences without ever leaving Pipedrive.

Installing the Zoom integration

Note: You can also connect the Zoom integration by going directly to the Pipedrive Marketplace and installing it through the app page.

To install the Zoom integration, open any new or existing activity in Pipedrive and click on video call > Zoom meeting.

After you’re redirected to the Marketplace page, click “Install now” to initiate the installation.

After you authorize the app, you’ll be redirected to your activities view, and you can start using the integration.

Scheduling Zoom calls

Note: If you are using Pipedrive’s Scheduler feature, you can use the Zoom integration to schedule video calls there as well. You can read more about how in this article.

To add a Zoom call to an activity, open a new or existing activity and click on video call > Zoom meeting.

A unique Zoom link will be generated and included in the activity invite sent to guests

The location of the meeting will be set as the Zoom link.

Note: If your team uses passwords to access Zoom calls, they will appear in the activity note so that your respondents can join the call securely. You can enable passwords for your meetings on your Zoom settings page.

Viewing and joining scheduled calls

Note: If your activity isn’t linked to any deals or contacts, you can access the Zoom link in the original activity’s detail view.

Click on Join Zoom meeting” in the detail view of any linked deal or person to join a Zoom meeting at the scheduled time.

Uninstalling the integration

To uninstall your Zoom integration:

  • go to Tools and apps > Marketplace apps
  • click the ”...“ next to the Zoom integration
  • select ”Uninstall“
Note: This method can be used for uninstalling your other Marketplace apps as well.
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