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What happens when a user gets deactivated?

Jenny Takahara, November 2, 2023

If an employee has left your company or simply no longer requires access, they can be deactivated from the Pipedrive company account.

Learn more about deactivating and reactivating and reactivating in this article.

What happens to the data of a deactivated user?

When a user is deactivated, all of the deals and contacts that they own remain in the account and will also remain owned by that deactivated user. You can still filter for data owned by the deactivated in your list view.

How can I reassign the data of a deactivated user?

You can reassign the data of a user before or after they are deactivated with the bulk edit functionality directly from the list view or individually from the item's detail view. Learn more about how to reassign a deactivated user's data in this article.

What happens to my reporting?

Similar to the list view, you will still be able to filter for deactivated user data in your dashboard.

What happens to the notes that were added by a deactivated user?

All the notes added by deactivated users will remain visible in the detail view of a deal or contact unless deleted by an admin user.

Will the deactivated users still show up in Pipedrive?

You will still be able to see the names of your deactivated users when filtering or creating reports on data that has already been created. However, you will not be able to assign any new items in Pipedrive to deactivated users.

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