Knowledge Base

  • Pipedrive Setup

    Customize and expand your Pipedrive account to make your business grow.

  • Webinars and Videos

    Interactive and recorded videos to help you become effective in Pipedrive.

  • Account and Settings

    The basics of your Pipedrive account and how it all works.

  • Basic Features

    Answers to any questions about the inner-workings of Pipedrive's basic features.

  • Advanced Features and Integrations

    Browse through the partners and features that could make your team more productive.

  • Billing

    Anything and everything you need to know about billing, pricing, and subscription management.

  • Progress

    Tracking your statistics to prepare for your next steps.

  • Mobile Apps

    Stay productive on the go by using Pipedrive's iOS or Android apps.

  • Email Sync

    Streamlining your communication with your customers and clients.


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