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Webinar: Importing Spreadsheets

In this webinar on Pipedrive's import process, we’ll help establish some of the basics on importing spreadsheets, and provide some detailed insight on getting your important data into Pipedrive so you can work more effectively.

This 30-minute interactive webinar will cover: the relationship between the categories of fields in Pipedrive, custom fields and how they relate to your company-specific data, and tips and tricks for mapping fields while importing.

Interested? The next available webinars are listed below - all you need to do is sign up, then turn up! The time of each webinar is listed in your local timezone, for your convenience.


NB: You’ll receive a recording of the webinar afterwards, even if you’re unable to attend. We know life happens (and sales happens!), but it’s best to pick a time that you know for sure that you should be able to attend.