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How can an Admin User change a user's email address?

What happens if a user signed up for Pipedrive with the wrong email address? How can it be changed?
For security reasons, Pipedrive is unable to remotely change the email address associated with a Pipedrive account.
Fortunately, Admin Users are able to make those changes on their own:

  • Go to to Settings > Customize > Manage Users > Users
  • Click the name of the user that you want to edit. A new screen will open, where you can edit the user's name and email.
  • Edit the email address.
  • Click the Save button to save the new email address.


Note: If the email address you're trying to add has ever been used to sign up for a separate Pipedrive account, you will not be able to update their email address, for security reasons. Instead, you can add a new user with the email address you want to change to, and then deactivate the older user.