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Pipedrive Marketplace: Apps & Integrations

At Pipedrive, we aim to provide our customers with an ever-increasing number of features to allow them to be successful at sales.
However, there are times when you may need to get that little bit more out of Pipedrive for your specific use case, or you work with teams that don't use Pipedrive and need to share data between two different services.

In these cases, Pipedrive, along with a number of third party vendors, have built some apps to boost the productivity of your team and the other teams around you, integrating with the tools that the other people in your team are using.


To find the full list of these Pipedrive apps and integrations,  you may go to Settings > Apps & integrations then click the Go to Marketplace button, or click here.
It can also be accessed by click on your portrait in the Pipedrive app and selecting 'Apps & integrations'.


There you'll find a full list of apps and manual integrations — each with its own description, links to more information. For Apps, you'll find a quick-and-easy Install now button allowing you to easily add the app to your Pipedrive account.
For Manual integrations, the installation process is a little bit more complex, but you'll find clear instructions when clicking 'Visit provider website' for the integration you'd like to set up. 

If you've enjoyed one of the apps in the Marketplace, feel free to leave a review, so that other Pipedrive customers can see how useful it can be for improving their business!

Note: New apps are constantly being added to the Marketplace, so it's worth checking back regularly to see what's been added, and to see if you could improve your productivity, or work better and smarter within your team's workflow.