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iOS: How to sync contacts between my iPhone and Pipedrive?

There are 2 alternatives to sync your contacts with Pipedrive. Option one will sync your iPhone contacts to Pipedrive, and option 2 will sync both your iPhone and Pipedrive to each other.

1. Use the "Import Contacts" feature on Pipedrive iOS app to transfer contacts directly from your Address Book to Pipedrive

  • Navigate to "More" view that you will find from the main menu of the app
  • Select "Import Contacts" and grant access to your Contacts
  • Select the contacts to import or just toggle "Select all" and hit Done

2. Use the Google Contact sync to get your contacts from your iOS device to the Pipedrive app and vice versa.
  • Add a Google account on your phone (if you already don't have one) and make sure you sync the contacts from your phone with Google. Read more on the Google Contacts sync on your iOS device.
  • Setup Google connection and turn on Google Contacts sync on Pipedrive (Pipedrive's web app ➝ Settings ➝ Personal ➝ Connections)
  • If the Google Contacts sync has been enabled, the contacts on your Pipedrive and Google account will be in sync.