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The Forecast View - Revenue Projection

What if you could have an easy way to view not only how much money you've made, but how much you could potentially make? Use Pipedrive's Forecast View to do just that!

The Forecast view


The Forecast view projects revenue by using an expected close date which you should be configuring in your deals. You can also set up your own custom date field (for example, “delivery date”); the Forecast view will project revenue based on any date field you’d like.


Once there, you’ll find a glorious calendar-like view of your deals. In the headers of each column you’ll find a summary of your projected revenue. There’s a total value for all won deals, a total value for all currently open deals, and then a projection of what the combined revenue of your won and open deals would be (should you happen to close them all).

Green status bar

The thin green status bar you see on each of your deals indicates where the deal is in your sales pipeline — or more specifically, what stage. The further along the green status bar is, the further along the pipeline your deal is. Deals that are furthest along the pipeline are prioritized on the top of your Forecast view, so you’ll always have deals with the furthest progression on the top of your list.

Drag ‘n’ drop to update update expected close date

You may be wondering what to do with the deals you definitely won’t close before the end of the month/quarter. Simply dragging and dropping deals from one column to the next will allow you to update the deal’s expected close date.