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Custom fields

Breandan Flood, March 19, 2024
Note: This action is only available to users with the correct global permissions enabled. The number of custom fields you can have depends on which plan you’re on. Learn more about usage limits in this article.

Pipedrive comes with a highly customizable approach to managing your sales process. Your deals and leads, contacts, projects and products already come with the default fields needed to manage your data, but you can add fields specific to your company’s needs as custom fields.

With custom fields, you can document specific information needed to customize your data as well as organize and filter based on these fields in Pipedrive.

If you’re just getting started with Pipedrive, you can check out our Get started with the basics” Pipedrive Academy course.

Adding custom fields

Note: Not sure where to add your custom field? Learn more about how your data is organized in this article.

Go to Settings > Company > Data fields, and click “Add custom field.” The field can be added under Lead/deal, Person, Organization, Product or Project.

In the window that appears, name the field and select the type of field you wish to create. Pipedrive offers a variety of custom field types that can easily be customized according to the information you need for your data.

You can learn about the types of custom fields available in this article.

Note: Leads use the same fields as deals. When a custom field is created for deals, the same field with the same name and properties will also be created for leads.

Field properties

When adding a custom field, you can choose the places where the field is shown in Pipedrive.

  • Always visible in detail view (pinned)
    The custom field always appears in the item’s detail view, whether or not a value is added.
  • Appears in add view
    The custom field always appears in that item’s “Add new” dialog.
  • Appears in project detail view
    The custom field always appears in a project's detail view, whether or not a value is added.
  • Pipeline (for lead/deal custom fields only)
    You can hide some fields from specific pipelines and unclutter the deal detail view.
Note: Pipeline-specific custom fields are only available for Professional and higher plans.

Quality rules

  • Required fields
    Mark fields as required to ensure your team enters crucial deal data. If a required field is empty, users won't be able to save the deal and will see a reminder in already existing deals.
  • Important fields
    Marks a field as “important” in all or specific pipelines and stages. You can read more about important fields in this article.

Where else can I add custom fields?

Custom fields can also be added in the detail view of an item by going to Details > Customize fields > +Add a new field.

Viewing your custom fields

You can add, view, or delete custom field values in the following places within Pipedrive.

In the detail view:

  • In the detail view, any custom fields can be found in the DETAILS section.

    In the list view:

    • Click on the gear icon to the right of the table and select the custom field in the “Choose columns” section. Click “Save” to make that custom field column visible in the list view

    In the Add new dialog:

    • If the “Show in add new dialog” option is marked as “Yes,” the custom field will appear in the “Add new” modals.

    In the Import function:

    • When importing a spreadsheet into Pipedrive, your custom fields can be mapped to columns in your spreadsheet. You can also add custom fields directly from the mapping page.

      Read more about importing in this article.

    Updating your custom fields

    To change your custom fields, go to Settings > Company > Data fields and click the "...” button next to your custom field.

    • Edit
      You can change the custom field name, field properties and important fields for your custom field at any time. The custom field type cannot be changed once it has been created.
    • Reorder
      You can change the order your custom fields are displayed in. After clicking on “Reorder,” you will be prompted with a window where you can change the order of fields. The changes will be applied to the Add new view and detail view.
  • Delete
    Deleting your custom field will delete the field and its existing data from your Pipedrive account.
  • Copy API key
    You can copy your custom field’s API key. For more information on how to use the API, you can look at our API documentation.

Custom field grouping

You can organize your custom fields into groups, making it easier to find the field you need.

To add a new custom field group, click ”+ Field group“ while creating or editing a custom field.

After you create your group, you can see it in your data fields.

You can view your fields in groups or in a standard list view.

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