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Callto Syntax: Make VOIP calls from Pipedrive!

Note: Admin rights are required to perform certain actions listed in this article. Click here to learn more.

Pipedrive has the ability to choose which app is the default when you click on a phone number in Pipedrive. For example, you can use Skype for calls or SMS, Lync, or a number of SIP-based phone systems.

The way it works is that the account administrators can specify the protocol syntax they would like to use for the call-to links within their Pipedrive account. So for example, once configured, we will be able to click on any phone number in Pipedrive, and have it begin a Skype call to that number. Like this...

Configuring your syntax:

The syntax can be changed by going to Settings › Company settings › General.

Note: Only admins can configure the syntax.

There, you will find the Phone number link syntax field. You can enter any handler you would like to use, indicating the phone number with the symbol [number].

You can check with your SIP/phone vendor for details on how to use their services with browser based links. However, here are some of the most common syntaxes that might be useful:

  • skype:[number]?call — Skype call
  • skype:[number]?chat — Skype SMS
  • sip:[number] — SIP phone handler (check with your service provider for details)
  • facetime://[number] — Apple FaceTime call
  • tel:[number] — Default phone call handler
  • callto:[number] — Default phone call handler that commonly triggers a Skype call
  • sms:[number] — Default SMS handler