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Email Sync FAQ

Note: The Email Sync feature is one of the many useful features of Pipedrive’s Gold plan. To learn how to switch plans, click here.

Q: How does the email integration work and why is a company called Nylas mentioned in the setup process?

A: We offer email integration by partnering with an email integrations provider called Nylas, a trusted specialist in doing email integrations. We chose to partner with Nylas because of their technical capabilities and a good reputation. Together with Nylas, we offer an easy-to-use service that keeps our customers sensitive data secure. Neither Nylas or Pipedrive has access to the contents of your emails.

Q: How can I sync my Outlook if I have 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) enabled?

A: If you have 2FA enabled on your Outlook account, Outlook recommends you follow these steps to log in and sync your account with Pipedrive.

Q: Are my contacts and calendar going to be synchronised as well?

A: No. This new feature is only for synchronizing your emails. Contacts and calendar events connected to your email client are not automatically carried over to Pipedrive. If you use Google Contacts or Google Calendar, please consider integrating them with your Pipedrive account, through the following instructions: Google Integrations.

Q: Does the Email Sync allow for displaying images and logos?

A: Yes, you can add an image within Pipedrive's Email Sync! Too add images to your emails, click on the picture icon in the email toolbar, and choose which image to import from your computer. Alternatively, drag-and-drop your desired picture in the body of your email within Pipedrive.


You may also add images to your email signature by clicking the Signature button in the bottom right of the email composer within Pipedrive. Once you've added your first signature, this will appear on every email until otherwise changed by clicking the same button in the email composer.
For more information about the Email Signature function of Pipedrive, click here!

Q: Can I send mass emails with Email Sync?

A: Full Email Sync is about syncing personal 1-on-1 emails and Pipedrive and is not a way to send emails in bulk. There are several integrations on our integrations page including Mailchimp that help to connect Pipedrive and your email marketing efforts.

Q: Does the Email Sync support email templates?

A: It does! To get started, click on the Templates button in the email composer. For more information about Email Templates in Pipedrive, click here.