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Email Sync and Privacy - FAQ


Q: I don’t want to sync all of my incoming and outgoing emails into Pipedrive — just some of them. Is this possible?

A: It is possible to only sync a specific label or folder (or a set of labels/folders) to your Pipedrive account. In this way, you control which emails end up in the Mail tab of your Pipedrive account, and which do not.


Q: I understand that I can choose to sync only specific labels or I can sync all emails. But which is the best option for my needs?

A: If you find that you receive a large volume of emails that are not related to your sales in Pipedrive, we suggest only syncing specific labels into your Pipedrive account, which will keep your Mail tab clean and effective. If you receive primarily Pipedrive-related sales emails, it may be better to sync all emails, so that you can work effectively without having to switch between tabs in your browser. 


Q: I’ve decided to sync all of my emails. Does this mean that all of the historic messages in my email are going to be carried over to Pipedrive?

A: No. Pipedrive does not sync your entire email history, and only syncs from the range selected when the sync is initially begun. In this way, Pipedrive only brings in the emails that you wish, and does not crowd your Mail tab more than you intend.


Q: The Smart Email BCC feature creates contacts automatically for any unknown email recipients. Does the Email Sync also do this?

A: No. Pipedrive does not create contacts automatically with the Email Sync feature. However, you can manually create contacts from the people you email if they are not yet listed as a contact in Pipedrive. This can be done from inside the Mail tab of your Pipedrive account. Simply open the relevant email thread, click on the name of the email recipient/sender and click either Create new contact or Add to existing contact


Q: I’m the Admin User of a company account with several users that report directly to me. Can I access their respective Mail pages?

A: No. As the Mail tab reflects the contents of a user's personal email account, the content of these synced email accounts is inaccessible to other users. The only exception to this is when an email is linked to a deal or contact that another user has permission to access — in this case, any user that has permission to view that email or contact will be able to see the specific linked email threads. 


Q: I need to share some emails with my team while keeping most of them private by default. What should I do?

A: You can mark those emails as Shared and at the same time make sure they are linked to a deal and/or person that other users can see in Pipedrive. If your emails are marked as Private, no other user will be able to see them. If your emails are marked as Shared and linked to deals or contacts in Pipedrive, all users with access to those deals or contacts will be able to see them in their respective Detail View.


Q: I’ve shared some emails, but now I don’t want other users in my company to see them. What should I do?

A: You can always go back and mark emails as Private even if you’ve shared them in the past. You can tag specific conversations as private from the Detail View of both the deal and the contact they are linked to. You can also go to the Mail tab of your Pipedrive account, select the email threads that you no longer wish to share and mark them as Private in bulk. Once they have been marked as Private, those other users in your company won’t be able to access them anymore, even if they can still have access to the relevant deals or contacts that those emails are linked to.  


Q: I've linked an email to a deal in my account. What will happen if I delete that email?

A: If you delete an email that is associated to a deal in your Pipedrive account, that email will no longer be visible within the Detail View of that deal. This is because that information is drawn from the email being active in the Mail tab of your Pipedrive account. If you would like to not have that email in the Inbox of your Mail tab, we suggest using the Archive function to section it away while still keep its information available. 


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