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Outlook Add-In: Features

The Outlook add-in for Pipedrive is a great way to create items and activities in Pipedrive right from the comfort of your inbox. It's free and available for the Outlook web app on all operating systems, as well as the Outlook desktop app on Windows and iOS!

To get it set up, you'll first need to add the Pipedrive add-in from the Outlook store. Read more about that here. Once your account is set up, you'll then need to link your account (or sign up!), and you're ready!

Through the add-in you can do the following:

  • Add Pipedrive contacts from Outlook emails
  • Add deals
  • Add activities, and attach them to existing deals
  • Save the email to Pipedrive (providing you have set up Smart Email BCC)

Please note that the Outlook add-in does not automatically sync your emails or calendar.

You can then add contacts, save emails, and, for contacts that you add or who already exist in Pipedrive, you can add deals and activities by clicking the 'Pipedrive - add sales and CRM data' button: