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What happens to my billing when I change my Pipedrive subscription plan?

Note: This action is only available to Admin Users.

An admin user of a Pipedrive company account can opt to switch between the Essential, Advanced, or Professional plan at any point in the billing cycle. 

When changing between subscription plans, the time the change takes effect will depend on whether you are upgrading or downgrading plans. 


Upgrading plans

If you are upgrading plans, the new plan will apply immediately and you will receive a credit note and an invoice. The credit note will be for the balance remaining in the current period of the original plan. You will then receive an invoice charging for the new plan for the remainder of the billing cycle. The balance of the credit note will be applied fully to the invoice for your new plan.


A user on the Advanced plan billed monthly switches to the Professional plan halfway through the billing cycle. 

  • Credit note:
    A credit note for the remaining time (2 weeks) in the monthly cycle for the Advanced plan.
  • Invoice:
    An invoice for the Professional plan for the remaining time (2 weeks) in the billing cycleThe balance of the credit note will be applied as payment to partially pay this invoice.


Downgrading plans

If you are downgrading plans, the changes will take effect at the beginning of the next billing cycle, when the next renewal invoice is issued. Further subscription changes made before the end of the current billing cycle may override the scheduled one.


  • A user on the Professional plan billed monthly switches to the Advanced plan halfway through the billing cycle. 
  • The user will be on the Professional plan for the rest of the billing cycle and be charged for the new plan at the beginning of the new cycle. 

While the change is pending, you will see a banner at the top of your Billing Overview page specifying the scheduled update.


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