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How can I pay for Pipedrive with online bank transfers?

Many companies wish to conduct their business with merchants or vendors without needing to interact with credit card networks. For those companies to pay for Pipedrive, we are happy to offer online bank transfers utilizing SOFORT and SEPA payment methods to process direct bank payments between countries in Europe.

Note: At this time, online bank transfers in Pipedrive are only available to our customers based in Germany who have not yet provided other billing credentials. We hope to release the same function for our customers based in other European countries soon. 

When providing billing information in Pipedrive — from the Settings > Billing page within the Pipedrive app — you may select the ONLINE BANK TRANSFER option when Germany has been selected as the country in your provided billing address. 


When ONLINE BANK TRANSFER has been selected as a payment method, you will be shown secure prompts to provide the banking information you wish to use when paying for Pipedrive.
Certain specific information is required in order to process your bank transfer with Pipedrive, including your bank information (name, bank code, IBAN, or BIC), your Account Number, and your secure Personal Identification Number.


Once all of your information has been provided and confirmed and the payment has been submitted, you will receive an in-app confirmation from Pipedrive that your billing information has been successfully updated.

Note: Before your next subscription renewal, you will receive an email reminder of the upcoming direct debit charge to your provided banking account. 

As per EU regulations, transfers between bank accounts in two different SEPA countries shouldn’t cost more than any other local bank transfer. Some banks, however, may still provide other charges when processing online bank transfers using SOFORT and SEPA. 
If you have questions regarding what charges may occur during these transfers, we suggest reaching out to your bank for further information.
Once your bank sends the bank transfer, your money should arrive to Pipedrive within 1-2 working days once your bank has confirmed the transfer.


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