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Quick Actions in Pipedrive

As a busy salesperson, you may need to be quickly moving around in the Pipedrive app to find the information that is most relevant to you in that moment.
To aid you in your quick maneuvering, Pipedrive has a Quick Action Menu filled with shortcuts!


Pressing the keys associated in the Quick Menu section will immediately open the Add new ____ dialog for the intended item, which is useful for a large number of tasks, such as quickly adding a note to a contact that calls you unexpectedly.
Pressing the keys associated with the Navigation section will jump you right to that specific portion of Pipedrive, all with a simply key-press.


To open the Quick Menu and search for the page you wish you be on or the task you wish to accomplish, simply press the "." button on your keyboard when in Pipedrive.
Doing so will open the Quick Menu prompt, and allow you to begin typing for your next intended task.

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