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Caller (Beta)

Note: Caller is one of the many useful features of Pipedrive’s Professional plan. To learn how to switch plans, click here.

For salespeople who spend countless hours on the phone every day, an efficient calling workflow is essential for saving time and reaching targets. With Pipedrive's built-in Caller feature, you will be able to directly click and make calls to your customers without leaving the Pipedrive web-app, as well as automatically log all of the calls made in your Pipedrive account for effortless reporting. 

Setting up the Caller

To set up the Caller for your company account, you can go to Tools and apps > Calling. Here, you will be able to:

  • Manage calling credit and calling settings for your Company
  • Enable Users in your company to make calls with the Caller 
  • Set up your Personal calling settings


To read more on how to configure your Caller, click here.

Note: Caller can only be configured by admin users. 

Before the call

Once your number has been verified, you can begin calling. To initiate calling in your Pipedrive account, you can click on any phone number in any List view or Detail view.

Note: If you have not connected and validated your phone number yet, you will be prompted to do so. 



What if the number I'm calling to has an extension?

To call a number with an extension, entering a 'w' in the number will allow you to add a delay when dialing. Each 'w' added to the number will add a 0.5 second wait.

For example, if you want to call to the number (212)-212-2233, extension 2121, you would save the number as (212)-212-2233wwwwww2121 in Pipedrive so the Caller feature knows to wait for three seconds before dialing the extension number. 

During the Call 

Once you've clicked on a listed phone number, you will see the caller panel appear at the bottom of the screen.

Here you will be able to:

  • Modify the number
  • Choose the speaker and microphone settings
  • Toggle on the record phone call option

When the call settings have been adjusted accordingly, you can hit the Start call button to initiate the call. 

Note: You will have to allow Pipedrive to use your device’s microphone if you have not already done so. 



When the call has connected you will be able to:

  • Type in the dial pad 
  • Unmute or mute your microphone
  • Take text notes in the notes panel 



After the call 

After the call has ended, you will be prompted to choose from a list of Call outcomes and what to log your call as.

Call outcome
The results of your call. The call outcome options can be set up by an Admin user under Settings > Calling > Calling outcomes. 

Log call as:
Assigns an activity subject to the logged call. You will be able to log your call as either a new activity or as a preexisting activity planned for that contact person. 

If you want to be prompted with a new activity window after logging the current call, you can check off Schedule a follow-up activity. 



The saved call will be logged as an activity under the contact person and will always be marked as done. From the contact detail page, you can listen to the recording of the call if call recording was enabled, and also download the recording as an audio file by clicking on the '...' button next to the recording. 

Note: Call recording and downloading can be enabled by an Admin user under Settings > Calling > Company > Call Recording. 



The calls made through the Caller will behave like normal activities for reporting purposes. To read more about reporting, click here. 


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