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Where are my documents stored?

When you create a document or template with the Sales Documents feature, it will not be stored in Pipedrive, but rather in your cloud provider (Google Drive or OneDrive).

In your cloud provider, there will be a new folder created called 'Pipedrive (your company name)'. Within this we will automatically create sub-folders:

  • Templates— When a template is created, it will automatically be created and stored in a sub-folder called 'Templates'.
  • Documents— When you create a document, it will automatically be created and stored in a sub-folder named after the deal's linked organization name.  If there is no organization linked, it will be named after the deal's linked person contact's name.


Deleting documents or disconnecting your account 

There are two actions that could prevent you from successfully accessing your documents or templates in Pipedrive: 

  • If you delete any documents or templates in your cloud provider 
  • If you disconnect your cloud provider 

Note: While the documents and templates are stored in your cloud provider, the sharable read-only 'versions' of the documents are stored in Pipedrive. This means that you will still be able to open and access these versions even if you disconnect your Google Drive or delete the document in your Google Drive folder. 


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