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Is the Prospector feature GDPR compliant?

Our Prospector feature is fully compliant with GDPR and other international data regulations.

We commit to compliance in every step of the B2B sales and marketing process. Data is processed under the grounds of legitimate interest under GDPR, which according to GDPR Recital 47 includes direct marketing. 

How do we ensure GDPR compliance?

  1. We only collect relevant and necessary data for our own clients' legitimate business interests. We remove data from our system when consent has been removed or when it no longer serves this legitimate interest. 

  2. We also only use GDPR compliant CRM and storage software.

  3. We are committed to open and transparent communication in instances where we receive a data subject request, third party request, or perceive a threat to the security of our data. 

This unique data asset provides B2B organizations with a GDPR compliant way of 
prospecting leads and enriching data.


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