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Zapier - Sending automated emails

An easy way to make sure that you're not dropping the ball with your leads is by making sure you're emailing them as soon as they enter your pipeline. You can automate this with Pipedrive via Zapier. The way it works is that if a new lead comes into the stage of your choice in a pipeline, Zapier will automatically send them a welcome email via Gmail.

To see how to set this up, watch the video below and read our step-by-step guide below!




  1. Choose Pipedrive as the trigger app
  2. Select "New Deal in a Pipeline Stage" as the actual trigger
  3. Choose the Pipedrive account you want to use for this automation and continue
  4. Choose the Pipeline and stage that you would like to trigger the email*
  5. Select Gmail as the action app
  6. Choose the Gmail account you will be using
  7. Use the "Send Email" action
  8. In the "To" section, you'll want to get the "Person's email linked to the deal" option
  9. You can fill out any other fields you'd like, but make sure to fill out the Subject with the information of your choice. You can even use Dynamic fields to create personalized subject lines like "Welcome, [name]."
  10. Be sure to fill out the body of the email with any information you need. Similar to the email subject, you can use dynamic fields to personalize the email
  11. Continue and save the integration


*Zapier will look for a test deal that matches the conditions you chose in step 4. If you're setting up a Zap on a brand new account or Pipeline, you'll need to run an example deal through the motions in Pipedrive before setting up the Zap in Zapier so Zapier knows where, and what, to look for.