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Why is my settings page different than in Pipedrive's articles and videos?

You may be wondering why your settings page looks different than what you've been seeing in some of our training material. This is most likely because you're not an admin user in your Pipedrive account. In Pipedrive, there are 2 types of users; regular and admin.

Admin users: Have full control and visibility over the entire account, with the exception of private emails. They also cannot delete themselves or take away their own administrative rights; only a fellow admins can. I Pipedrive kan du ha så mange administratorbrukere som du vil.

Note - The first user to start a new trial account is automatically given admin rights. Admins added subsequently can remove the admin rights of the first user if need be.

Regular users: Are subject to the permissions that the admin establishes.

Need to become an admin? Click here to learn how admin rights are given. (only current admins can give admin rights to regular users)

Admin user

Settings page of an Admin user:

All the same rights as a regular user; but with the following additions:

  • Oppdatere fakturering
  • Legge til/fjerne/redigere brukere
  • Endre navnet på Pipedrive-kontoen
  • Administrere firmasynlighet og rettigheter
  • Opprette mål for andre brukere
  • Opprette/redigere egendefinerte felter
  • Opprette/redigere pipeliner og faser
  • Kontrollere VOIP-konfigurasjoner
  • Stille inn push-varslinger
  • Aktivere funksjoner
  • Full synlighet til alle salgsavtaler/personer/osv. (uansett synlighetsinnstillingene)
  • Importere/eksportere data

Vanlig bruker

Settings page of a Regular user:

All the normal day to day functions of Pipedrive:

  • Tilgang til personlige API-nøkler
  • Tilgang til personlige integreringer (Google-kontakter, mailchimp osv.)
  • Legge til/redigere rettigheter for alle salgsavtaler/personer/organisasjoner som brukeren har synlighet til
  • Change/update own email address (so long as the email doesn't exist in Pipedrive already)
  • Endre personlig passord
  • Opprette personlige mål
  • Opprette/redigere filtre i listevisningene
  • Konfigurere e-post med personlige aktivitetspåminnelser og e-postvarsler
  • Konfigurere innstillinger for personlig brukergrensesnitt
  • Konfigurere innstillinger for personlig e-postintegrering