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Google Integrations

Everybody knows about Google and many of you already utilize Google applications in your day-to-day processes - whether it be personal or professional relations.

Yes, Pipedrive can integrate with various Google applications.

Step 1 - Connect Pipedrive to Google

Note: Be sure that you are logged in to the Google account you want to connect to Pipedrive in your web browser.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Connections.
  2. Click Connect Now next to Google.

Step 2 - Connect Pipedrive to a Google application

Google Kontakter

Google Kalender

Google Disk

Google Maps

Sync a Google contact group with your Pipedrive People.

Sync any Google Calendar with your Pipedrive Activities.

Have access to all your Google docs from within Pipedrive.

"Address" fields are geo-coded with Google Maps.