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Email integration - Tracking email conversations

Email integration - Tracking email conversations

Hvordan fungerer det?

Pipedrive features 2 methods of tracking your email conversations with your customers; 2-way sync and Smart email BCC. Regardless of which method you use, Pipedrive will intuitively calculate which contacts and deals your email conversations belong to, based on the email address you're sending the message to. This means you'll always have a clear picture of all conversations from both the contact and deal detail views.

You'll also get your own dedicated Pipedrive inbox, which will house all of your emails and give you some control over linking and sharing.

2-way email sync (Only available on Gold and Platinum pricing plans)

This allows you to sync your inbox to Pipedrive. This is the best option if you'd like an automated experience. It's compatible with all major email providers including:

Gmail and Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft Exchange (ActiveSync), Outlook.com (aka Hotmail), iCloud (aka MobileMe or DotMac), Any custom account syncing via generic IMAP, AOL Mail, FastMail, GandiMail, GMX, Mail.ru, Yandex.Mail, GoDaddy Mail, Hover.com, Namecheap, Bluehost, Soverin, Zimbra, 123-reg, 126, QQ Mail, Aliyun (Alibaba Group), Netease 163 (China), Yeah.net, 139.com (China)

All incoming and outgoing mail is synced to your Pipedrive account and is associated with the corresponding contacts and deals. 

Click here to learn how to set up your email sync.

Smart email BCC (Available across all pricing plans)

This allows you to manually add specific email conversations to a deal/contact. It works by copying a universal company address to the BCC section of any email you send out. Any replies from your customers will need to be forwarded to the same universal BCC address. This feature is quite useful if you don't like the idea of syncing your email and would rather individually select which emails are sent to Pipedrive.

Note: It's really important to be sure that you include the Pipedrive Smart BCC address in the BCC field of your emails to prevent any confusion with potential customers.

When forwarding an email from your email client in to Pipedrive, forward the email without a 'to' address, only including the Smart BCC address in the BCC field.

Email settings

Regardless of whichever method you use to track your emails, there are some settings to consider for your integration. 


Alternative email addresses are used specifically for the Smart email BCC feature. By default, only the email address you log into Pipedrive with is authorized to use the Smart email BCC address. If however, you send your emails from a different email than the one you log into Pipedrive with, it should be specified in the Alternative email addresses section. 


This setting configures the default share setting of all future emails in Pipedrive. It will NOT overwrite any current email share settings on your existing emails; it only maps your desired setting onto all future email.
Fellow Pipedrive users can only see an email if it's associated with a contact and/or deal even if the email is set to be shared

If an email is marked private, then it can only be seen by you and nobody else; not even admins.



Pipedrive will automatically associate emails with the appropriate contact person; it does this by recognizing the email address of the customer. The Automatic linking to deal section will allow you to also have Pipedrive associate the email with any deal that is open for the contact as well. If your contact has several deals open for them, Pipedrive will allow you to choose which deal to link the email to.