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Why can't I upgrade to Gold Plan?

The Full Email Sync feature has been released under our new pricing plans (Gold and Platinum). Our records show that you are still using the Gmail Sync Beta, which we are planning to discontinue on 3 August 2016. There is no time like the present to switch to our Email Sync feature, so follow these steps to enable your account:

1. Reach out to our support team using the web form in our help centre and the email address you've registered with Pipedrive.

2. Confirm in your message that you'd like to switch to our Full Email Sync feature (mandatory) and get your email sync history transferred to the new interface (optional).

3. Our support team will enable the New Mail Page in your account, transfer your email sync history (if requested) and come back to you with a confirmation (once the process is completed).

4. You should now be able to switch to the Gold Plan and initialise the email sync manually (instructions here).

If you're not an admin user of your company account  but would still like to use the new Full Email Sync feature, please share this article with your admin user first (what is an admin user?). As the above changes impact user experience on an account-level, we can only accept migration requests from registered admin users.

Please note that if no action is taken before the above mentioned deadline, your Gmail Sync feature will be turned off and your account automatically migrated on the same day (3 August 2016).