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Pipedrive Tiers: Silver, Gold and Platinum - FAQ

Q: Are there any limits to upgrading and downgrading between plans?

A: Users can easily upgrade and downgrade between plans. When downgrading, excess funds will remain as credit. Switching between plans can be done at any time in the billing cycle.

Q: I have an "old" price that is cheaper than the advertised 12 €/USD plan. If I don't find Gold plan too valuable, can I go back to my "old" plan later?

A: No, when downgrading from Gold to Silver customers are moved to standard 12 €/USD per user price, without carrying over any legacy pricing plans or discounts.

Q: Do I need to select my plan before I start my trial?

A: New trial users get Silver plan by default. They can access Gold features when they enter credit card details but they won't be charged until the end of their trial. At trial end, they will be charged for the Gold Plan, unless they downgrade to Silver before the trial end date.

Q: Does everyone using our Pipedrive account need to be on the same plan?

A: In order to provide an easy-to-use, seamless experience, all users within the same account need to be part of the same price plan. If, for example, you’d like to use the productivity-enhancing features of the Gold Plan, all of the users on your account will need to be upgraded to that plan as well.

Q: How do I know how much storage my company is using?

A: There is currently no way to check storage used in the app and we're working on ways to make that information available. Users who are close to hitting storage limits will be notified well in advance. Service is not interrupted after hitting these limits and no-one will be upgraded to a higher plan automatically.

Q: If we have used more storage space and downgrade do we lose data?

A: No. Data over storage limits won't be deleted after downgrading. If the amount of data exceeds the limit, we may get in touch to ask for the voluntary removal of some of the files, but nothing will be deleted by us.

Q: Do the new storage limitations apply to customers that have signed up before Pipedrive introduced multiple price tiers?

A: Yes they apply to “old” customers too. It's worth noting that this feature is meant to manage use cases with extremely heavy data storage/transfer; this shouldn't have any impact for most customers. We want our customers using Pipedrive actively and this includes not having to think about size of attachments.