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Callto Syntax: Make VOIP calls from Pipedrive
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How can I make calls in Pipedrive?

Breandan Flood, January 23, 2024

For salespeople, an efficient calling workflow is essential for saving time and reaching targets. Pipedrive offers several options for you to easily make calls from the web app or on the go with our mobile app.


Note: Starting October 6, 2022, the Caller feature is no longer available for new customers. For customers on the Professional, Power or Enterprise billing plan (who signed up or upgraded before October 6, 2022) the Caller feature is being removed in phases leading up to December 31, 2023. After this date, Caller will no longer be available.

Explore over 30 calling integrations on our Marketplace for alternative solutions to Caller.

Pipedrive's built-in Caller feature enables you to make, record and store calls directly from the Pipedrive web app by clicking on your contact's phone number. Valid phone numbers added to deals, people, organizations and even leads can use this function. Any calls that you make will automatically be logged as activities and are trackable in your reports.

The cost of your calls depends on your location and the location of the receiver. In this article, you can read about Caller rates.

Callto Syntax: Make VOIP calls from Pipedrive

Note: The configuration of this action is only available to admin users.

If you use an external app such as Skype, Link, or many other SIP-based phone systems to make your calls, you can do this from Pipedrive by setting up a "Callto" syntax under your default calling settings. Clicking on your contact's phone number within Pipedrive will prompt the app to open, allowing you to make your call.


If you would like to learn more about the Callto Syntax and how to set it up, you can read this article.

Mobile app

Pipedrive's iOS and Android mobile apps will allow you to make and log calls directly from your mobile device. This gives your team the ability to make calls on the go and speed up your sales process.


  • Making calls
    To make calls from your iOS device, click on the green phone icon next to the listed number when you have a deal or contact person's page open.
  • Call logging
    Once calling logging is enabled, you will be prompted to log outgoing phone calls as activities as soon as the call is over.
  • Caller ID
    Caller ID in the IOS app shows the caller and linked organization name as long as the number exists in your Pipedrive account under a contact person.

For more detailed information on the specific functionality and settings of the IOS app, you can read this article.



Note: To make calls from an Android device, you will first have to enable calling from the Pipedrive mobile app. You can learn how to enable calling in this article.
  • Making calls:
    To make calls from your Android device, you can go to your deal or contact's detail page and press the phone icon.
  • Logging calls:
    By enabling call logging, you can log both incoming and outgoing calls as activities. Your outgoing calls can be logged from both inside and outside of the Pipedrive app.
  • Caller ID:
    Enabling caller ID will allow you to see the caller name, company and deal information on your screen as long as the number exists in Pipedrive under an existing contact person.
  • Missed Calls:
    Any missed calls from existing contacts will leave a Missed Call Notification, with the options to "call back" or "add activity" to schedule a call for a future date.


For more detailed information on the specific functionality and settings of the Android app, you can read this article.


Note: When using Web-to-mobile, the calls you make will be charged on your usual phone bill.

allows you to start a call on your mobile device directly from your Pipedrive web app, with just a few clicks.

In order to use our Web-to-mobile feature, you will need to have the Pipedrive app installed on your device. Once it is set up, when starting a call you will receive a notification from the Pipedrive mobile app on your mobile device telling you that the call has been initiated from your web app. Once you click on the notification, you will see the option to continue the call on your mobile device.


For more detailed information on the Web-to-mobile feature and how to set it up with your device, you can read this article.

Marketplace apps

The Pipedrive Marketplace also offers phone solution integrations with many third-party apps. Below you can view our most popular marketplace calling solutions.

Most popular apps:

  • Kixie
    Make/receive phone calls from Pipedrive and automatically log and track completed calls.
  • Aircall
    Make/receive phone calls from Pipedrive and automatically log and track completed calls.
  • Toky
    Sync contacts and leads from Pipedrive to Toky and log calls made from Toky in Pipedrive.
  • JustCall
    Make/receive phone calls and SMS messages from Pipedrive. Log and track completed calls and messages.
  • Circleloop
    Sync Pipedrive contacts make calls from your Pipedrive account and log calls automatically.
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