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Insights reports: chart types

Steven Reinartz, December 5, 2023
Note: Every chart type is not available for every report. For example, deal performance reports have all five chart types, while deal conversion reports only offer column charts.

The Insights feature lets you customize and display your report data in a variety of ways. This includes different types of charts, so you can see your data in a way that best suits your needs.

Chart types

Note: You can click the ”...“ in the top right corner of a bar, column or pie chart to customize the colors of your data sections.

There are five different chart types available in Insights:

  • Column chart
  • Bar chart
  • Pie chart
  • Scorecard chart
  • Table chart

Column and bar charts

Note: You can change the colors and number of bars in your chart by clicking the ”...“ in the top right corner of your chart.

With column and bar charts, you have three fields for organizing your data:

  • Measure-by (Y-axis)
  • View-by (X-axis)
  • Segment-by (not mandatory)

The bar chart has the same fields, but the view-by and measure-by fields are switched.

Note: If the view-by field is time-based, you can choose between yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily intervals.

Pie charts

Note: The options in the sidebar always reflect the segmented groups.

Pie charts include measure-by and segment-by fields, but unlike column and bar charts, they don’t feature a view-by field.

Scorecard and table view

Note: Scorecard view only has a measure by field, but you can use filters to specify the data.

The scorecard chart shows the total of a chosen measurement (number of activities, lead value, etc.)

The smaller number and colored arrow above your scorecard show if the value has increased or decreased in the specified time interval, and by how much.

In this case, the number of activities has decreased by 26 since last month.

Note: The time interval used in the scorecard is based on the applied filters.


With the table chart, you can see your data as a customizable list, similar to the list view.

You can:

  • Choose which columns appear there using the gear icon
  • Drag your columns to change their position
  • Click on any column header to organize the data in that column

You can also click ”Export“ to download a spreadsheet of your report data.

Note: For more information about exporting your Insights data, check out this article.
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