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Leads vs. deals
Converting leads to deals

Leads vs. deals

Breandan Flood, June 4, 2024

Leads and deals are closely related, and understanding each is vital for getting the most out of your Pipedrive account. Learn more about lead management in this post.


Note: Leads are not affected by usage limits.

In the early stages of your lead generation process, you may find yourself with potential deals sitting in the early stages of your pipeline. They’re not ready to move forward through the sales process and aren’t cold enough to be lost or deleted.

That’s why our Leads Inbox is a separate inbox to keep your prequalified leads in before they become deals.

Learn more about lead management

Once you decide which leads should be qualified, you can easily convert them to deals and add them directly into your pipeline to start your sales process.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about leads:
  • Leads can be linked with a person, an organization or both.
  • Leads can be used to organize your potential clients before moving them to your sales pipeline.
  • Leads can be imported into your account.


Note: The number of open deals you can have depends on the plan you’re on, which you can learn more about in this article.

In Pipedrive, the ongoing transaction you’re pursuing with a person or organization is tracked as a deal, and is processed through the stages of your pipeline until it’s either WON or LOST.

Clicking on a deal opens its detail view, where you can see any linked contacts, products, projects or activities.

You can also see recurring revenue information, documents, files and emails exchanged with the linked contact.
Note: For more information about deals, check out this in-depth article.

Learn more about deal management

Leads vs. deals

The differences between leads and deals are important for understanding how each can best serve your sales process.

Link to projects and productsNoYes
Create documents and upload filesNoYes
Can be created through Leadbooster toolsYesNo
Can be archivedYesNo
Formula fieldsNoYes
Goes in a pipeline/stageNoYes
Note: Deals can be created using web forms, which are part of the Leadbooster package.

Converting leads to deals

Note: Any person and organization information from the lead will be transferred to the deal, as well as notes, mentions, comments and activities.

List view

When you have qualified leads ready to be pursued as deals in your pipeline, select them in the list view and click “Convert to deals.”

Hit ”Convert” to confirm your choice, and the leads will be deleted and replaced by deals in the specified pipeline.

Note: If Pipedrive recognizes a potential duplicate contact, you’ll be prompted to review and select an existing contact if applicable.

Detail view

You can convert a single lead from its detail view by clicking the “Convert to deal” button in the bottom left corner.

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