Pipedrive Integration: Trello

Jenny Takahara, May 5, 2021
Note: Only Trello users that have an associated Pipedrive account can use the integration.

While Pipedrive will help you understand where a lead is in your sales process, Trello may be useful for tracking other tasks that may occur within specific stages in that process. Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards, telling you what is being worked on, who's working on it, and where something is in process.

With the Pipedrive-Trello integration, you can effortlessly move your information between the two systems. You can auto-create cards based on your Pipedrive deals, as well as connecting your deals, organizations, and persons to your Trello cards.

Setting up the integration

Note: To enable this Power-Up, you will need both a Trello account and a Pipedrive account, and to be an Admin User in that Pipedrive account.

To begin connecting Pipedrive to your Trello account, go to the Trello page in the Pipedrive Marketplace and select Proceed to install.


You will be directed to a Trello page where you can then add Pipedrive as a Power-Up. Click Add Power-Up to continue.


From the dropdown menu, select the board you would like to connect to Pipedrive, and click Add to proceed.


You can then click Go to board. This will direct you to your Trello board, where you should click on Pipedrive in your menu under Power-Ups. From the dropdown, click Pipedrive and Authorize account. Then click Link Pipedrive Account.

Trello integration authorization

A new window will now open where you can give Trello permission to connect with Pipedrive. To proceed, click Allow and Install.


Now that it is installed, from your Trello board menu, click on the Pipedrive Power-Up and you should then see the option to Get Permissions in Pipedrive. By clicking on this, you will be directed to a page that will allow Pipedrive to access your Trello account.


Click Allow to give Pipedrive permission to access Trello. Your account is now connected and verified by Pipedrive and Trello allowing you to start using the integration.

Setting up Auto-Create

To set up auto-create, in your Trello board menu, select Pipedrive, and then Edit Power-Up Settings. You can then set up the rules for your board.


Setting up automatic card creation in Trello is based on three types of rules:

  • When a deal is added to Pipedrive
  • When a deal enters a pipeline stage
  • When a deal is marked as won or lost

You can choose any of the above, but only one rule can be set up per Trello board. Otherwise, you may end up with duplicate cards in the same board from similar rules set in the Power-Up.

App action and the App Panel

You have a quick way to create Trello items such as boards, lists, and cards from within Pipedrive.

From the App Panel on the left and side of your detail view, you can click the three dots (...) which will open your options to create a card in Trello.

Three dots trello

From the deal detail view, click the three dots (...) in the top right-hand corner and select Create in Trello from the dropdown menu.


This will open a new window where you can select the item type you wish to create in Trello.


From Trello, you can also connect your cards to Pipedrive. Click on the card you would like to connect, and in the Power-Ups section, you can select Pipedrive and choose a deal to connect the card to.


You will then see the card linked to your Pipedrive deal in your Trello App Panel.



Note: Other Trello board members can make the board publicly visible or invite new members who can then view it.

All members of a Trello board can see Pipedrive data on that board even if they do not have a Pipedrive account. The Trello board members without a Pipedrive account will not be able to add, edit, or delete any Pipedrive information.

If you delete the Trello app from Pipedrive, you will no longer see your Pipedrive data on your Trello board. In this case, you will need to re-authorize your account. After Trello has been deleted in Pipedrive, you will have a link in your related Trello cards where you can re-authorize your account.

Trello Re-authorize
Note: As different users can add cards to the same Pipedrive deal in Trello, each user will only see the data they have linked to the deal themselves.
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