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What happens when my Pipedrive trial expires?

Jenny Takahara, November 14, 2023
Note: If you close a trial account, your data will be retrievable for 60 days. Please contact our support team for assistance.

When your Pipedrive trial is active, you will have the option to try our Essential, Advanced and Professional plans freely without being billed or required to enter your billing details.

What happens once the trial expires will depend on whether you have already entered your billing details during the trial.

If you have added your billing details during the trial:

  • Your account will be automatically converted to a paying account once the trial ends.
  • You will be invoiced at the time your paying account cycle begins. You can read more information on how subscription costs are calculated in this article.
  • You will not lose access to the valuable data in your account and be able to continue working without interruptions.

If billing information has not been provided during the trial period:

  • All access to the company Pipedrive account will be restricted once the trial ends.
  • Access will remain restricted until a user with billing access logs in and provides the necessary billing information to begin a paying Pipedrive subscription.
  • The trial account and existing data will be deleted shortly after the trial is expired. If you have not entered billing information, no action is required from you in order to close your trial account.

If you choose not to enter billing details during the trial, it's recommended to export all of your Pipedrive data before it ends.

If you would like to reopen your account again in the future before your account is permanently deleted, you can simply import your data back into Pipedrive.

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