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Deleting items
Deleting custom fields and reports
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Managing duplicates

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How can I clean up my account and free up space?

Yssel Salas, 30. oktoober 2023
Note: These actions are only available to admin users and regular users with the correct permissions enabled. The number of open deals, custom fields and insights reports you can add depend on the plan that you're on. You can learn more about usage limits in this article.

Your database is one of the most valuable resources within your company. However, over time some information is bound to become outdated, and failing to maintain the health and quality of your database can cost your company money and clients.

Regular maintenance of your database increases efficiency and lets you achieve higher conversion rates, so here are some tips to help free up space and keep your account running smoothly.

Deleting items

Note: We recommend exporting data you plan to remove prior to deletion, so it can be added back into your account later on if needed.

The most effective way to free up space in your account is to delete data that isn’t necessary anymore. You can delete individual items in their detail views, or in bulk using the list view.

Deleting with the detail view

Note: Activities can’t be deleted using the detail view.

To delete a single item in Pipedrive (lead, deal, contact, product, project,) go to the detail view and click ”...“ > Delete.

Deleting with the list view

If you want to delete an activity, or delete items in bulk, go to your list view and select the items you want to delete then click the trash can icon.

You can create and apply filters in the list view if you want to specify which items to delete, rather than selecting them individually.

Deleting custom fields and reports

Note: We recommend limiting redundancies when creating custom fields to optimize storage, like creating multiple custom fields under the same name for different items (i.e. a ”source“ field for both deals and people.)

Custom fields and reports are both impacted by usage limits, so knowing how to delete them is important for storage management.

Custom fields

Go to Settings > Data fields, find the desired field and click ”...“ > Delete.


Go to your Insights, select the desired report and click ”...“ > Remove from your reports.

Note: Other items in Pipedrive (i.e. automations) can be deleted using the ”...“ options, or by clicking the available trash can icon (i.e. webhooks, automatic assignments.)

Managing deals

There are some actions available for deals related to data management that other items don’t have. This can be important, especially since the number of open deals you can have is impacted by usage limits.

Converting deals to leads

Note: The Rotting feature is a great way to see which deals have been stagnating in your pipeline, and potentially need to be moved to your Leads inbox. For more information about that tool, check out this article.

If you have an excess of open deals in your account and need to remove some to make room for new deals, you can move those deals into your Leads inbox.

You can do this in two ways:

  • from the deal detail view
  • from the list view
Note: You can convert up to 100 deals at a time.

Reopening deals

Note: Deleted deals can be recovered for 30 days after initial deletion.

If you’ve deleted deals and want to add them back into your account, start by applying the filter for all deleted deals.

Then select the desired deal and, in the detail view, click ”Reopen.“

Deal status

Note: By default, the pipeline view only displays open deals. However, you can apply filters to your pipeline view to display won and lost deals as well. For more information about filtering in Pipedrive, check out this guide.

Keeping won and lost deals open affects your reports and statistics since they’re counted toward your deal storage.

If your deals were already won or lost, we recommend marking them accordingly. You can do this in two different ways:

  • Detail view
  • List view

Managing duplicates

Note: Only deals, people and organizations can be merged. For more information about Pipedrive’s method for identifying duplicates, check out this article.

Another great way to streamline your data and free up space is to remove or merge duplicates.

Detail view merging

Deals and contacts can be merged in the detail view by clicking ”...“ > Merge.

Type the name of the deal or contact you want to merge with, or the first few letters to see the autofill options.

After you select an item to merge with, choose which item will continue to exist in your account by using the keep this data bubble, then click ”Preview.“

You‘ll see a preview of your new item, including the data that’s been merged into it.

For example, this deal didn’t have any linked activities before, but now it has one from the other deal.

Click ”Merge“ to confirm the changes.

Merge duplicates tool

Note: Deals can’t be merged using the merge duplicates tool.

You can also merge contacts by going to Tools and apps > Merge duplicates.

After you click ”Preview,“ you’ll be taken to the same preview window as the detail view merge tool.


You can use notes in place of custom fields to save space as well.

For example, rather than creating a text custom field for client description, you can add that information as a note.

Note: You can export your notes whenever you need them. Learn more about exporting notes in this article.
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